Age of Wushu Wiki

Currently there is only one available Age of Wushu server under Snail Games USA, called Blue Dragon.

Server Transfer[]

Server Name

A character from Golden Kirin.

During a server merge, characters are transferred to the larger server. The original server's abbreviation is added to the character's name if the name already exists on the new server. For example, the name Wang could become Wang(W.T) when transferring from White Tiger. The same rule applies to guild names.

List of Servers[]

Server Launch Date Status
Blue Dragon April 10, 2013 Open
White Tiger April 10, 2013 Merged to Blue Dragon
Black Tortoise April 10, 2013
Red Phoenix April 13, 2013
Golden Kirin August 8, 2013
Silver Viper May 7, 2014
Golden Panda July 30, 2015
Golden Dynasty
(European Server)