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明玉功 (Divine Clear Jade Skill / Clear Jade Skill)

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Brawn Dexterity Breath Spirit Stamina Max Health Max Energy Max Parry Endurance
Level 72 130(+195) 167(+250) 233(+349) 160(+240) 135(+202) 9690 2700 9270

神花七武 (Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess)

Skill Name Damage
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Floral Feast
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Cs yh hsqs04
Dead Wood Flower

(Necrid Blossom)

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Dance of the Butterfly
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Grafting 'Buff: Within the next 5 seconds, 60%(level 1)/ 70%(level 2)/ 80%(level 3)/ 90%(level 4)/ 100%(level 5) of incoming damage will be reflected to the surrounding 10 meters (diameter-wise); however does not affect mobs, damage will be taken directly. Yellow armor will be applied. 'Cool down: 20 seconds
Cs yh hsqs06
Fallen Petals
Cs yh hsqs07
Descent of the Flower Goddess