Age of Wushu Wiki

Increase of cultivation points for Helianthus Codex Period of increase: 18:00—24:00 Talk with the Eunuch in Jingling to increase 1 cultivation point.After the chat, the player will gain a buff and be prompted that he is now in activity mode.

Players have a chance to increase 1 Cultivation Point when killing a monster. When this happens, there is a cooldown of 6 minutes until the next chance becomes available.

Players have a chance to increase 1 Cultivation Point when killing other players at their Max Level. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds until the next chance. Player can get at most 2 Cultivation Points from the same character each day.

Helianthus Codex as Internal skill Male characters need to be purified to learn the Helianthus Codex. There is no requirement on female characters. Talk with NPC (Jinling) and select one of the two Purification methods.

Identity reward: When reaching Helianthus Codex Tier 6/16/26/36/43/49, the player will gain special identity. Player can also gain skill scripts at Tier 16/26/36/43/49.

The highest ranked player for the Helianthus Codex will gain special title (Dongfang Bubai) and costume (Laugh at the Mundane).

Cultivation effect: Facial change: When a male character practices Helianthus Codex and reaches Tier 6/16/26, his face will change 3 times, gradually becoming more feminine.

Chat change: When male player practices Helianthus Codex, some words will change. Stance: When male character practices to Tier 16, his standing posture changes.