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(Bone Corrosion Palm) Sounds of Breaking Bones
Sounds of Breaking Bones
(Bone Corrosion Palm) Sounds of Breaking Bones (Description)
School Wanderer's Valley (skill list) Skill Set Bone Corrosion Palm
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Barehanded Attack 20.0 meters 8.0 s 7

Concentrate a poisonous energy, then let it spiral outwards to deal 56(+16) points of Yang damage. (Total of 1 hits, each hit doing about 72 points of damage.)

This movement will ground airborne targets, putting them into the Fracture Bone state. This slows movement speed, and when the enemy uses flying skills he will suffer intense damage. Adding even more Bone Fracture to the enemy will slow his speed even more. The intense damage effect will only occur once.