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Watching from above.

School Spying is a PvP element where players can spy and steal information from other schools while avoiding their patrols.


  • Your strength reaches "First Understanding" and you are able to drop novice protection.
  • You must be in a school area other than your own school.
  • You cannot spy on your own school, or join any other mission while spying.

How To Begin Spying[]


An online patrolling player.

  • Click on the missions menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen or hit "N" to bring up the Mission Interface, select the "School" tab on top, select "School Spy" on the left, and click "Join".
  • After joining, you will gain 3 spy skills and be randomly teleported to another area on the map when you begin a spy mission.
  • Patrolling players, whose mission is to stop you, are identified by a yellow symbol over their head.

How To Spy[]


An offline Scouting Disciple.


An offline patrolling player.


A spy NPC.

  • The player's mission is to collect information "Scouting Disciples" offline players without being exposed.
  • There are three skills given, which are used in spying missions.
    • The first skill, "Skilled Swordsman", grants 1 information if successful. Has a low chance of failing, resulting 20 exposure. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds (1 minute).
    • The second skill, "Attack From Behind", grants 3 information from a Scouting Disciple to drop a or a token from a Offline Patrolling Disciple Player which lowers exposure by 40. Has a moderate chance of failing, resulting 100 exposure and paralyzes the user for 30 seconds. When used on a Scouting Disciple between 18:00 ~ 24:00 (6:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM) Server Time, it has an extremely low chance to drop the respective school's script which can be looted and causes the player to glow yellow. Has a cooldown of 180 seconds (3 minutes).
    • The third skill, "Flying Locust Asking the Way", temporarily stops an Offline Patrolling Disciple Player in its tracks. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds (1 minute). This requires use of a token, however, which can be bought.
  • Spying players can find Spy NPCs and talk to them to gain 1 intelligence easily. In every school, there are three of these NPCs, for a total of 3 intelligence for free.
  • While spying, there is a possibility of being exposed. Exposure starts at 0, but when it reaches 80, the spy can be attacked by online Patrols or Patrolling Disciple NPCs.
    • Exposure can be gained by the following means:
      • Online Patrols (30 Exposure).
      • Failed Spy Skills (Skilled Swordsman = 20, Attack From Behind = 100).
      • Touching the white wave that an Offline Patrolling Disciple Player emits (10 Exposure).
      • Attacking an Online Patrol via Jianghu Attack Mode (100 Exposure).
    • Exposure goes down very slowly over time.
  • When you have at least 1 information, you can return to your school to be rewarded at the intelligence officer NPC. You can carry up to 10 information, and you will be rewarded in proportion to the amount of intelligence you have retrieved.


The following are a set of maps from this blogspot detailing the locations of friendly spy NPCs (marked in green) and the locations of scouting disciples (encircled in red.)

The yellow locations are populated/duel locations, and should generally be avoided, as they are more likely to have player patrols.


The map of Shaolin. The white mark is a misprint on the map.

Wudang Map-0

A map of Wudang.


The map of Emei. The NPCs in Emei are named "Emei Planted Agent" which is different from the other schools.

Beggars Sect

The map of Beggar's Sect.


The map of Scholars.

Tangmen map

A map of Tangmen. The pinkish-white line is a misprint.

Royal Guard

The map of Royal Guard's school.

Wanderer's Valley

A map of Wanderer's Valley.


  • Unless you wish to gamble your life, use Attack From Behind ONLY if there are no Patrolling Disciples and are in a secluded area where players are less likely to roam.
  • Using Flying skills help when roaming the school.
  • If a Patrolling Player spots you and you cannot shake them, kill yourself by jumping off a cliff or with Break Meridians. Make sure you are at a safe distance from the Patrol as they can still rob your information with Break Meridians. If Break Meridians is used, respawn at the nearby healing area (risky, as Patrols may roam there) or revive on spot after the Patrols leave your corpse alone.
  • See here for the location of all Spy NPCs.

Success and Failure Conditions[]

  • Success: You gain at least 1 intelligence and return it to your school intelligence officer.
  • Failure: You are detected and killed by patrolling players or NPCs. You will lose all the gathered intelligence as well as your spying status.

Video Guide[]



  • School Honor Certificate  (used to participate in School Position Tournaments and can be exchanged for rewards).
  • Experience (16 Experience per intelligence turned in).
  • Jackdaw Herb (2 Unbound Jackdaw Herbs per intelligence turned in).
  • Bound Currency (5 Bound Liang per intelligence turned in).
  • Internal Skill Script Pages (Spy from 18:00 - 24:00 daily, and use second spy skill on Scouting Disciples for a chance for them to drop skill scripts. NPCs who have dropped a skill script will glow yellow).