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It is Advised you read the whole article of Tresure of Jianghu, Black Wood Order, And Star Vortex to know the difficulty, the time put in, and the negative effect's of the inner.

Star Vortex is a Jianghu Ultimate inner. In order to obtain the inner you need to first obtain a Black Wood Order and train that. Afterwards, once getting the manual you'd need to keep useing the Black Wood Order to cultivate the Star Vortex Inner.

Star Vortex inner effects[]

Star Vortex is a Tai Chi inner

Internal skill special Effect:

(Detail in progress)

This movement requires spending 100,000 cultivation points, with 20,000 being expended every 20 seconds.

When cultvation points or chi power points are used up the movement will automatically stop.

Star Vortex inner negative effects[]

At level's 6,16,26,36 the inner will reduce all other inner's stats by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%. (need confirming)