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It is Advised you read the whole article of Tresure of Jianghu, Sewing Needle, And Sun Flower to know the difficulty, the time put in, and the negative effects of the inner.

Sun flower is a Jianghu Ultimate inner. In order to obtain the inner you need to first obtain a Sewing Needle and train that. Afterwards, once getting the manual you'll need to keep using the Sewing Needle to cultivate the Sun Flower Inner.

Sun Flower inner effects[]

Sun Flower is a Yin and Softness inner.

Internal Skill Special Effect: With every attack, there is a chance of stealing the target's movement speed, jump Across the Cloud distance, and Wild Goose Flying Skill distance. it can be used 6 times at the most for 15 seconds. During this stealing action, there is also a certain chance that you will be immune for all movement control effects during a short period of time.

Nimble Steps Thousand Strides: There is a Chance of clearing the meridian every time a move is used. No recovery period needed for moves of the same skill set within 28 seconds.

Chi of the Sunflower: The flow of Chi might be freed from each move. No cool down time restrictions for moves of the same skill set within 20 seconds.


Sun Flower Changes[]

Permanent changes happen to both your face and add auto chat to your chat at level's 6 and at level 16 a stance change plus a new face change, and level 26 another new face change.

The face changes apply white makeup to the face and lip stick. It removes any scars or beard's.

Every time you speak there about a 50% chance to say a random line like below.

  • [player chat]Eh
  • How annoying![player text]
  • Little lover,[player text]
  • [player text]Yay
  • [player text]Also
  • Oh! You little minx,[player text]
  • Heh heh...[player text]
  • [player text],I am yours for the taking tonight
  • Oh! My darling Husband,[player text]

This one seem to show up random in the middle of player text

  • [player text] Ur humble servent [player text]

auto text will also some time's replace your ? with Phew

There also a chance that after some "." that you will say another line of auto text. such as "Oh! My Darling Husband,Hi.Yay"