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Suzhou Fire Mechanism

Suzhou Fire Mechanism

The Suzhou Fire Mechanism is a puzzle located in Suzhou (1325,750). VIP players have a small chance of triggering a VIP Random Encounter after solving the puzzle.


The puzzle is available most of the time. Sometimes the puzzle becomes randomly unavailable for 1-2 hours.

How to Play[]

To play, the player must go to Suzhou (1325,750). A random assortment of 5x5 on/off lights will spawn when the player enters the area. If the puzzle is unavailable, the lights will not spawn.

The goal is to activate all lights. Pressing any of the lights will toggle it and the adjacent lights, with the exception of three "broken" lights that cannot be toggled from specific adjacent spots.

Not all puzzles are solvable. If the player receives an unsolvable puzzle, they can reset it by exiting and re-entering the puzzle area.


The player will receive 20 Jackdaw Herbs after activating all lights and talking to Mu Ronghua, the nearby female NPC.

Additionally, VIP players have a small chance to immediately trigger one of the following Random Encounters:

RE Reward
Liu Zhenshu 2x Green Bamboo Snake Wine
Jian Wuqu 2x Demon Pill
Uncle Lu 2x Demon Pill
Old Man Xu 4x Daughter's Wine