Skill Name Damage
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White Crane Spread Wings

2 frontal hits, 47 yin damage.

Depending on parry buff, attacks can slow opponents.

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Splitting the Wild Horse's Mane 2 hits, 78 yang damage.

Upon having parry hit, knock the foe backwards.

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Two Peaks Through One's Ears

1 frontal hit, 63 yin damage.

Breaks foe's parry and rending them from parrying.

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Golden Hen Standing on One Leg Offensive Posture (Lead Force): Each time the parry is attacked, a stack will be obtained, adding additional yin/soft damage to attacks.


Defensive Posture: Each time parry is attacked, will deflect damage to surrounding targets.

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Seemingly Sealed Off Buff: Negates any debuff and damage from self, while damaging surrounding foes. (15 second cool down)
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Pluck the Peacock's Plume Buff: While active it allows the player to absorb incoming damage and convert it (at a percentage) into health and energy. '(40 second cool down)
Wx wd tjq07
Wyvern Leaves the Sea '1 frontal (AOE) hit, 157 yang damage.'Damages surrounding ground targets and suppressing airborne foes.
Wx wd tymz05
Open Taichi '3 frontal (AOE) hit, 365 yang damage.'Stuns nearby players or mobs, rendering mobility and skill usage.
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