Age of Wushu Wiki
Skill Name Damage
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White Crane Spread Wings

2 frontal hits, 47 yin damage.

Depending on parry buff, attacks can slow opponents.

Wx wd0402
Splitting the Wild Horse's Mane
Wx wd0403

Two Peaks Through One's Ears

1 frontal hit, 63 yin damage.

Breaks foe's parry and rending them from parrying.

Wx wd0401
Golden Hen Standing on One Leg Offensive Posture (Lead Force): Each time the parry is attacked, a stack will be obtained, adding additional yin/soft damage to attacks.


Defensive Posture: Each time parry is attacked, will deflect damage to surrounding targets.

Wx wd0405
Seemingly Sealed Off Buff: Negates any debuff and damage from self, while damaging surrounding foes. (15 second cool down)
Cs wdzp tjq07
Wx wd tjq07
Wyvern Leaves the Sea 1 frontal (AOE) hit

Damages surrounding ground targets and suppressing airborne foes.

Wx wd tymz05
Open Taichi 365 yang damage.

Stuns nearby players or mobs, rendering mobility and skill usage.