Age of Wushu Wiki

White Crane Spears Its Wings
Your fist is icy as it smashes your opponent to deal
 94 points of yin damage. (total of 2 hits) This move
also debuffs the target with Sticky effect, slowing
their movement speed. this effect can be stacked.
Weapon: Fist             CD: 2 seconds           Energy: 30
Splitting a Wild Horse's Mane
A charging movement that envelops the enemy and deals
157 points of Yang damage (total of 2 hits) If
you strike wihin fine seconds of successfully parrying
you can send enemies flying
Weapon: Fist          CD:  6 seconds              Energy: 30
Two peaks Through One's Ears
A cunning attack inflicting 63 points
of Yin damage (total of 1 hits) to enemies infront of you.
When you break an enemy's defense, they will
temporarily be unable to use feint attacks.
If you use this move within five seconds of blocking
the period the enemy cant use parries lengthens
Weapon: Fist             CD: 2 seconds                Energy: 30
Golden Hen Standing On One Foot
A secret tai chi movement that can freely switch between two
Its Attack Stance: If you are in the Stick Force state,
each time you successfully parry you cna use the Softness
Power. This moves the assailant's energy to one side,
damaging nearby enemies. Its Attack Movement allows you
to add the Lead Force buff when you successfully parry.
With this effect, your attacks from tai chi fist set
will have added yin damage. Each attack consumes one
stack of Lead Force.
Weapon: Fist               CD: 1 seconds             Energy: 15
Seemingly Sealed Off
Gain the Grappling Force effect, which removes debuffs and
absorbs some damage
When this buff is either undone or expired, half of the
damage absorbed will be transferred to nearby enemies.
Weapon: Fist            CD: 15 seconds              Energy: 15
The Wyvern Leaves the Sea
The dragon emerges from the sea,  bursting with energy.
This movement inflicts 157 points of Yang Damage (total of 1 hits)
to surrounded enemies. The sheer force of this move grounds
any airborne enemies that are close to you. If you strike
within 5 seconds of a successful block, your attack will
disable the enemy's flying and jump skill abilities
Weapon: Fist               CD: 10 seconds         Energy: 30
Pluck the Peacock's Plume
Outflank the enemy with this move and add the Dispel buff to
yuorself. Absorb damage while recoering your inner energy and hp
Weapon: Fist            CD: 40 seconds           Energy: 15
Opening the Tai Chi
Open the tai chi, moving yin and yang dealing 1096 points of yang damage (3 hits)
to nearby enemies. This movement also steals their self-control abilities and you
can send them flying.
Weapon: Fist            CD: 10 seconds         Rage: 50