Infobox task
Task type Unknown
Scene Unknown
Prerequisites {{{prereqs}}}
Task giver Unknown
Experience {{{exp}}}
Reputation {{{rep}}}
Coins {{{coins}}}
Items {{{items}}}
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This template is used to create a task infobox.
Type {{Infobox task|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Infobox task
| name    = Task 2 [defaults to pagename]
| type    = Storyline
| scene   = Yanyu Villa
| prereqs = Task 1
| giver   = Jiugong Elder
| exp     = 3
| rep     = 10
| coins   = 250 Wen
| items   = 
* Random award

Results in...

Task 2
Task type Storyline
Scene Yanyu Villa
Prerequisites Task 1
Task giver Jiugong Elder
Experience 3
Reputation 10
Coins 250 Wen
  • Random award
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