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Treasures are a form of equipment.

Each character can currently have 5 treasures equipped at a time, once equipped, they are bound.

Like all other equipment, treasures range from wood to jade, with wood being the worst, and Jade being the best.

Unlike other equipment, Treasures

  • can go beyond class 5
  • have a minimum strength level (characters under this strength level cannot equip that treasure)

Possible Treasure Effects & Stats[]

This is not an all inclusive list, but some effects that treasures can have are listed below.

The values listed below are just a sample, and do not represent the full range of all possible values for a given ability. values increase based on the treasure's required character strength/power level.

  • Increased Internal/External Skill Hit Rate (1 -> 14)
  • Increased Internal/External Accuracy Rate (1-3%)
  • Increased Internal/External Skill Crit Rate (1 -> 9)
  • Increased Internal/External Critical Damage (10-14%)
  • Deduct Damage for Internal/External Skills
  • Ignore & Defuse Internal Skills
  • Defuse Internal Skills
  • External Skill Parry
  • Ignore & Deduct Internal Skill Damage
  • Deduct & Ignore Internal/External Skill Defence (1-3%)
  • Max HP
  • Max Internal Energy
  • HP Recovery Rate (1 -> 32)
  • Internal Energy Recovery Rate (1 -> 8)
  • Melee Power (1 -> 10)
  • Ranged Power (1 -> 10)
  • Internal Energy Power
  • Reduced Critical Damage Received (1 -> 13%) 
  • Internal Skill Defence(affects all 4 Internal defences)
  • Max Flying Skills Value
  • Yin/Yang Defence (1 - 20)
  • Deduct Yin/Yang (1-3%)
  • Ignore Yin/Yang (1-20)
  • Soft/Hard Defence
  • Deduct Soft/Hard
  • Ignore Soft/Hard Defence
  • Reduced chance of being Critically hit (3%)
  • Dodge (1-14)
  • Dodge Rate (1-3%)
  • Maximum Parry Endurance (15-300)
  • Parry Endurance Recovery Per Second
  • + Damage to any skill that deals damage. Typically, the more hits a skill does, the lower the number will be, with single hit skills having higher numbers. (1 - 55)

Some of the stats on treasures have confusing, mistranslated or typo'd names that make it hard to figure out what it is, here is a list of them and what they really are.(these have been confirmed)

  • Internal Energy Power=Internal Attack Damage
  • Defuse Internal Skills=Internal Parry
  • External Skill Parry= Block Rate
  • "Ignoring" Internal & External Skills(skills, not dmg or def)= unknown
  • Dodge=Evade

How To Obtain Treasures[]

  • Hero challenges. Each Hero defeated will drop at least one treasure, with a small chance of dropping more.
  • Forbidden Instances. Treasures can drop as loot inside chests, especially good ones can drop inside harder instances.
  • Heart of the Devil Random Encounter aka "possesion". you have a chance to get one as a reward at the end.

Pawning Treasures[]