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Foreign Rare Treasure Map[]

The Foreign Rare Treasure Map is an item used to access a difficult co-op challenge with good rewards. The item can be obtained from Daily Activity (100 points) and only one rare map can used per day. Up to 2 friends can be invited to help. The players will have 30 minutes to complete the objective.

Before using the map, the players should make sure they have plenty of inventory space. Participants will only have 1 minute to claim the treasures after completing the objective.

When using the map, the user will be randomly sent to one of the following locations:


One of the Mechanisms.

Mechanism Rooms[]

There are four different Mechanisms in the area: Earth, Heaven, Mysterious, and Yellow. Talk to Gong Shumo to receive a hint. The objective is to destroy the Mechanisms that match the NPC's hints. Defeating the wrong Mechanism will make the Mechanisms stronger.

Hint Answer  
Thousands of miles lands are connected. Earth
Moonlight shines before the bed.
I'd like to be a bird in the sky.
A lonely wild goose is flying together with the writing. Heaven
Chang'e should have been regretful of stealing pills.
Lotus flowers become more red under sunshine.
Get drunken and feel heroic. Mysterious
All of these planted by Mr. Liu.
But the mirror tell me that on the morning.
A city located in a rolling mountain. Yellow
The sun sets behind the mountain.
Travel to Yangzhou in the warm March.

The Eight Diagrams[]

Eight Diagrams

One of the eight diagrams.

One of the players must interact with the Trigram Lighting at the entrance of the area. This will spawn eight diagrams (black shapes on the ground) and starts a 3-minute timer. The players must then find the eight diagrams before the timer runs out. The diagrams need to be activated by stepping on them.

After all eight diagrams are activated, a boss and two minions will spawn in the center of the area. The boss and his minions must be defeated to claim the treasure.

Ouyang Zhi[]

Ouyang Zhi

Ouyang Zhi.

There is only a boss battle in this room: Ouyang Zhi.

This boss deals heavy damage that can be hard to avoid, but the boss is easy to defeat because it will not reset its HP entirely if everyone dies. Ouyang Zhi will summon two minions to attack the players. The boss will re-summon the minions if they are defeated.

Chest Delivery[]

Chest Delivery

The shortest path to the exit.

Three treasure chests sit atop the platform at the entrance of the area. The objective is to deliver the chests, one by one, to the exit of the area.

Only one person can carry the chests. While carrying a chest, the player cannot use any attacks or flying skills. There are three different paths the players can take. All paths will lead to the exit, but one of the paths is considerably shorter than the others. Hostile NPCs will attack the players and will reduce the players' movement speed.

Once all three chests have been delivered, a boss will spawn at the exit. The boss must be defeated to claim the treasure.