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The Treasures of Jianghu are the Sewing Needle and the Black Wood Order. These treasures are used to unlock the Jianghu Internal Skills Sun Flower (named Helianthus Codex in the ranking) and Star Vortex.


Difficulty: Hard
Available Time: 18:00-24:00 S/M/T/W/T/F/S
Max Times: --
Reward: Internal skill page, martial arts skill page

Jianghu Treasures are only available during 00:00 AM Monday to 23:59 Thursday (afterwards it will be deleted from the server and respawn the next Monday) in the world.

The treasures are depicted as chests (Wood,Silver,Iron,Glint,Jade chest) in the open world


Black Wood Order Dropped on the ground after killing player.


  1. Player must be Famed of Jianghu to be able to pick up the treasure.
  2. If the player is new or under Novice Protection he can not pick it up.
  3. You may only hold 1 Treasure at a time.
  4. When players who hold a Treasures of Jianghu become unconscious/die (from being attacked by another player or drowned) between 18:00 and 24:00 the Jianghu Treasure will be dropped to the ground. The Treasure will drop regardless if the player is in active mode or not. Outside of this time window the treasure will not be dropped.
    1. If a Jianghu Treasure is dropped because the holder was killed by another player whomever killed the previous Treasure holder has 30 secs to pick it up. After the 30 seconds it can be taken by anyone.
    2. If a Treasure holder dies by breaking his own meridians or by any means other then PvP the Treasure will drop and can be picked up by anyone.
  5. Attempting to pick up the treasure can be interrupted. It takes about 6-8 sec to pick up the Treasure that is on the ground.
  6. You must click the small item (needle/order not the shiny) to pick the treasure up.
  7. Not eligible for stealing a dropped treasure are:
    1. player who do not have the Jianghu VIP subscription
    2. players under Novice’s Protection
    3. players in PvP arenas
  8. Any other players who want the treasure can get information from an NPC or via other tracking methods to track the current treasure holder. (you can be tracked regardless if you are in active mode or not)

Exchange Area/ Turning active mode on & Training to get Cultivation Points[]


Sun Flower Active Mode


Star Vortex Active Mode

Once talking to one of the following NPC and asking how to train the Treasure you'll be told to KILL, you'll then be placed in active mode and have a buff showing that you are active. You may only get this buff once a day, if you die with it you'll be unable to get it again.

The Embroidery Needle usage techniques are all held by Eunuch Zheng. He still holds his position in court. He can be found at the Jinling Palace Eunuch Chambers (949, 1521).

The master of Star Vortex can be found at the Tai Lake Palace of Suzhou (600, 1216). He is known as the head of the Five Terrors of the Palace. Take care when asking for his help.

To get Cultivation Points for the treasure one need's to kill player's and NPC's

  • 1 NPC can be killed every 6 min's for 1 Cultivation Point
  • 1 Player can be killed every 5 sec's for 1 Cultivation Point

Additional notes[]

  • Jianghu Treasure is bound after looting. Jianghu Treasure can only be put in the Inventory. It cannot be stored in warehouse. Each character can only have one Treasure.
  • When a player gain the Treasure, it will have 40 Cultivation Points. Cultivation Point will be reduced every 30 minutes. When Cultivation Points are reduced to 0, Jianghu Treasure will disappear.
  • The game will announce to all players when a Treasure appears, a Treasure owner is attacking other players, or when Treasure owner enters a different scene.
  • Herbal Hall: When character learns from NPC and gains a daily buff/Active Mode. They will not be protected in protection area during this period and cannot join other activities.
  • Players can bribe specified NPC with Taels of silver to gain Jianghu Treasure information. This is possible when the NPC’s friendship with the Treasure owner is at a minimum. If no Jianghu Treasure owners are online, no information is available. When players are prompted to pay, they will gain the location of the Treasure owner. Be aware that the Treasure owner may be moving away from the disclosed location.
  • Ultimate Skill rules: There is no Ultimate Skill Cultivation button in Skill interface. Right click Treasure to start cultivation.

[Need's more data] Jianghu Treasure’s internal skill has its unique Chi Power Points. Whenever players use an Ultimate Skill, the Chi Power Points will be consumed constantly. When Chi Power Point is reduced to 0, they cannot use Ultimate Skill again until the Chi Power Points are recovered. Recovery occurs from 18:00 to 24:00 daily, as long as there is a Treasure owner. The Chi Power Point limit and recovery speed will increase when Players advance their Internal Skills to the next tier.