Age of Wushu Wiki

Requirement : Wudang 1st Internal Skill Level 30 (Yin Yang Heart Protection Skill)

Starting NPC : Immortal Zi Yang [478.327] (Age of Wushu)


1) Talk to Immortal Zi Yang.on [478.327] Wudang.

2) Go around [760:830] near Tiger Roaring Villa and find the Stange Man.

3) Do the Tiger Roaring Villa Herald Instance and finish it.

4) Talk to Headmaster and you get your first book for INNER PILL skill for Level 1 and unlocked until level 9.

Note Required minimum solo, For Cook and 2 of the Silver boss(With non poisoning skill)*Forgot the names..

If you have all 54 Defence armor get from relaxation Points,

Taiji Sword Skill and Yin Yang Heart Protection Skill Maxed and Jump across the cloud skill.

And a bunch of Pills Example [154hp per Sec, last for 10 Sec]. You see around 20% hp loss, Use the pills.

Also best with Poison which you can add into the weapon that can decrease External Defence or Hp per second damage.

  • As for Others, its hard to solo, Below is recommendation for Peoples with "Flow with Chi" Level and Below.

Silver Boss

Minimum bring a Shaolin with the Stunning skill.

Golden Boss

Bring 3-4 with Stunning skills.

Jade Boss

Full Team. You will have a very hard time with him unless you can make him sleep on the floor for every time..

  • For Team with "Max Level" Players, Bringing 2 Max level with either one a tanker is enough.