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  • My occupation is Wow this was very 12ie.

Whatever. I do stuff. If you're here checking out my page... Quit it and go check out pages that need help! Like the Title page. It needs lots of work. Just heaps of data entry. @_@
Oh, I heard something about a character template? Sounds cool, if you know anything about it, I'd love to hear.

In the meantime, I'm (all on Blue Dragon) Wisknort, an Emei ATS, AliceShyral, a touring disciple, Rauggy, another Emei (semi-storage), and CalPetersson, a WV storage account.
Retired: Liangqini (supposed to be Liang Qini), a Royal Guard on Golden Panda/Age of Wulin. GG Webzen, GG.

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