Age of Wushu Wiki

The VIP is an optional subscription system in Age of Wushu. The standard VIP costs Gold 30 Gold per month, per character. Players have the option to pay additional Gold 20 Gold per month to upgrade their VIP status to Young Hero Master (also known as Elite VIP).

VIP perks[]

The standard VIP subscription will give the player the perks listed below:

Perk VIP (30 Gold/month)
Growth Passive Experience Conversion is 100% instead of 70%.
Internal Cultivation remains active while offline.
Meridians will gain five times more Chi.
A perfect 25-turn Team Practice will provide 100% progress instead of 70%.
A perfect 10-turn Impart Knowledge will provide 100% progress instead of 25%.
Upon leveling a Great School's 5th Internal Skill to level 36, the player can instantly get their 6th Internal Skill leveled up to 36 for free (available once per character).
The player can claim daily free 3x Treasure Skills Rework Coupon and 3x Jade Doll Quench Ticket at corresponding NPCs.
The player will obtain Weapon Manuals from daily login.
The player can open the daily Sign-in Reward Pack after 1 hour of online activity (opening the pack also requires StrengthOverawe the World).
Economy The player has a high chance of successfully using gathering Life Skills (mining, woodcutting, etc.) without needing to buy Gathering Secrets.
The items obtained from Script Stealing, Forbidden Instances, and many other activities are unbound (i.e. can be traded).
The number of stall slots is increased from 30 to 60, and the player can set up an offline stall for 4 hours.
Bank inventory capacity is increased from 18 to 36.
The player can learn and use the Divinator Life Skill.
The player has cheaper exchange rates with various token exchange NPCs, script exchange NPCs, and identity outfit NPCs.
The carry limit of Silver Coins is increased from 8D to 10D, and the carry limit of Taels is increased from 10D to 1000D.
The player can obtain Taels from offline work, Martial Arts Blessing, Martial Arts Celebration Gift Cards and Kidnapping.
Gameplay The player can participate in Treasure Map Anecdote, Egg Breaking Game, and various PvP events.
The player can auto-play music while using the Musician Life Skill.
The player can trigger VIP Random Encounters.
The player can challenge Jianghu Heroes 5 times in the same location instead of 3.

Young Hero Master perks[]

The Young Hero Master (also known as Elite VIP) subscription will give the player all VIP perks, as well as the additional perks listed below:

Perk Young Hero Master (50 Gold/month)
Growth The character can claim daily free 2x Treasure Skills Rework Coupon and 2x Jade Doll Quench Ticket at corresponding NPCs.
Economy The character's daily spending limit of Silver Coins is increased to 410 Liang.
Gameplay The character can participate a maximum of 7 times in a Desert Treasure Hunt.

How to purchase VIP[]

To purchase VIP, the player must open the in-game Cash Shop interface (default shortcut key Y) and click the Purchase VIP button at the bottom of the window. The player cannot purchase VIP if they have an insufficient amount of Gold Gold.

VIP Identity rewards[]

Players will receive titles and items from Identity rewards based on the number of days they have been VIP. The item VIP Keepsake can be used to unlock interactive emotes.

Title Reward Item Reward Requirements  
Jianghu Warrior
Ruthless Set (7 days)
Red Makeup Set (7 days)
Horse: Rushing Cloud (7 days)
Purchase VIP
VIP Level 2
VIP Keepsake
5x Everything Goes Well Fireworks
VIP for 15 days
25x Fan
10x Bursting Bouquet Fireworks
VIP for 30 days
VIP Level 4
VIP Keepsake
Sorrow of Love Suit (7 days)
10x Colorful Splendor Fireworks
VIP for 50 days