The VIP service may be purchased for 1 month at the cost of 30 Gold. 10 gold are $3. You are able to purchase more than one month at a time. Having the VIP status will give you the perks listed bellow:

Progression Economic Rewards & Loot Misc
Better Cultivation Rates

100% conversion rate from experience points (instead of 70% without VIP). So 1 XP = 1000 cultivation points instead of 700.

More Warehouse Spaces

Warehouse space increases from 18 to 36. 

Musician Attacks

When you use Musical attacks you only need to play the first part of the song, the game will take care of the rest for you.

Access to Exclusive Equipment

Change the look of your character with vanity clothing and accessories only available to Jianghu Elite members.

Offline Cultivation

Allows you to keep cultivating your skills even when offline. 

Offline Stalls

Allows you to keep your stall open even when offline. 

School Raid Bonus

Increased chance of acquiring script books/skills pages and Inner Skills during school/sect raid events.

In-Game Help Service

May send in bugs/glitches while in game and recieve assistance. (Help may also be aquired outside of the game for Non-VIP players)

Special Tasks and Events

Gain access to bonus tasks and events.

More Stall Space

Increase stall slots from 30 to 60.

Special Adventure Rewards

Gain access to bonus rewards from random encounters & claim a special Warlord gift once a week.

Special Chat Room

Enjoy a special VIP only chat room.

Team Cultivation Bonus

Increases team cultivation by 25%.

Carry More Money

Carry up to 10 Ding of Coins (8 for non-VIP), and 1000 Ding of Tael (30 for non-VIP).

Gather Bonus

Enhance success rate of gathering.

Change Outfit

Switch between equipment with the press of a single button instead of manually. 

Experience Placement

Faster experience gain.


Allows you to use divination and tell players fortunes and grant buffs.

Receive Chi 5x faster. Queue Priority

VIP members will enter the game through the Green Channel, reducing the amount of time in queue when servers are full.


Double Battlefield points and exclusive battlefield tasks.

Team Buying

Can participate in Team Purchase Events for desirable items.

Jianghu Legends

Can beat Masters of Jianghu 5 times in the same location instead of only 3 times.


Get buff from nutrition.

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