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Hello! I'm Scholars Head-Master, Maze-Elwin of Red Phoenix.

Since Guili Villa given a few of my students a hard time I've thrown up a link in school notice for my scholars of RP to come here (and I hope other server come here) and use this guide till to help em on there run.

onto explaining!


1st and far most who do we sign up? I'd advise a music player to come along with 3% or more healing. Some one who can easyly tank (2ed inner not advise) and a 3ed person thats max level or higher. weiqi buffs are not needed but are loved for the extra crit is always nice.

Things to keep in mind. Npc = 2 points Bosses = 10 Test = 10 for correct answers only (180 points if all correct) Sojo(they call it weiqi, its a lie its not weiqi) puzzle = 30 point's for killing commander Dieing = you lose no points so it's ok go die as many time's as you like!

doing the 1st 4 bosses + sojo + puzzles all correct = 250 points You need 300 points in total in order before doing the 5th boss (else once the 5th boss is dead he won't let you go on to the next bosses). so you just need to kill 25 NPC, 26 to be safe and you're done gather point's once you hit 300! 

(this is the map of bosses and the order their in)



Your gonna start here.

talk to Yang Lei(testing Leader) (or the bosses will not fight you until you do!) to start 

To get to Guili villa hope onto the boat OR break meridians to skip the boat ride (just make sure to head to the fishing village after).

go to the front of the boat, talk to head Chen.  BOAT MASTER START THIS BOAT!. click this to bring you to guili villa. Don't jump or walk around while the boats moving or you'll fall off- and well its hard to catch up. (1st hand finding this out -.- )


When the boat stops DON'T OPEN THE VILLA DOOR! it will glitch Guili Villa and you'll have to restart! jump off at the dock and swim to the fishing village (jumping off the boat while moving might glitch you or others and might be unable to see em for awhile)

head over to the fishing village!!!



All you need here is to get the cute scene in the pirate area. in order to get the cute scene you need to get the bracelet by accepting the pirate quest. you don't need to finish the quest nor any other quest just need to see the cute scene to unlock the 9th boss

Quest 3


Quest 1

pick up the 3 quest.

pick em all up there a gaint chain quest Quest 

Quest 1-Aunt Li = [Greedy aunt li]

Quest 2- Hua Brother = [Pick Bambo shoots]

(Quest 3 DOES NOT NEED TO BE DONE FOR ANYTHING just a waste of time)

Quest 3- -A-bao's Mother (hard to find look at pic bellow)= [missing child] 


the shoots are at the font of the village by the water pick em.

once finish head back and hand em in.


He'll give you another quest. [respect the old]

hand it off to the elder (Old man Zhang) and he'll give you another quest [Aiyou]


Hua hua (Hua sister) is in the middle of the village. She gives you another tasks...o boy..catch a butterfly. in luck..there behind her.

Complete the task and go get more orders from your master Hua Hua!...(dam kids) she gives you [Zhang] quest...go talk to elder (Old man Zhang) again. Completed! he gives you fish. you know where this is going? go give the fish to the woman!

This next part can be skipped. just head into the pirate area with the bracelet (no need to kill anything) see the cute scene the get out. less waste of time time and this event triggers the 9th boss later on.

O what the hell now she wants you to kill pirates...[drive off the pirates] Head over to Mayu Temple! Auto path your way there! auto pathing is fun ^>^ the pirates die fairly easy but have your team there to kill em all super fast.

OK killed the pirates, killed the elite pirates got a cut scene ok cool did you find the kid? Well if not he's here

He'll give you [Guarding a Bao on the Road] an escort mission...i hate escorting! in anygame... and I'm a master of scholars 2ed speed 33%...if you go to far from this kid mission resets -.-

Guide the little shhh....kid back home  Give him to his momie (hand in the quest) then go hand in the other quest and BAM finishing village done! screw this place I'm never coming back (is what I want to say...this is what hell must be like)


Head over to the big door on the villa! (and open it like we did!)

All the mobs are soft as wet logs. They die in about 2-3 spins from [Snow moon's wind Flower] but they can hit hard sometimes and stun you...not wanted so clear the one's (and get em extra points 2 per npc you'll need it) in the courtyard before starting the boss (or any boss for that fact, clear the area)

1st boss- Fan Li - the poet[]

you gotta answer 4 questions...GM took the fun out of my test and failures... so link is his cheat sheet. to do this fast use CTRL+F on the guide page and type in the 1st 4 words of the painting questions. you'll be done in 10 secs!

1. Silently, I walk up the west tower; the lonely trees stand quietly under the soft beam of the crescent moon; the vast garden seems to have locked up all the bleakness of autumn.

Answer: B: Wudang

2. Enjoy life when there is prosperity. Never tip a gold cup to the moon when it is empty.

Answer: C: Heaven has given me a gift and it’s my turn. All my fortune is squandered; but it will return.

3. The man of Zhao with unadorned Hu tassel; he has a Wugou scimitar, bright like frost and snow. His white steed with a silver saddle; gallops swiftly like a shooting star.

Answer: A: He kills one man in ten steps; leaving no trace within a thousand miles. Flicks the robes after the deed is done, Leaves face and name unknown.

4. When will there be no more moon and spring flowers; For me who had so many memorable hours? My attic which last night in vernal wind did stand; Reminds cruelly of the lost moonlit land.

Answer: A: Carved balustrades and marble steps must still be there; but rosy faces cannot be as fair. If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased; see the rushing river flowing east!

5. For ten years here I wander, and there you lie. I seldom think about you, yet how could I forget you! With your grave a thousand miles away, where can I confide my loneliness?

Answer: D: Even if we met, could you recognize me, with dust all over my face, and hair like frost?

6. When I was little, I thought the moon was a white jade plate. Or maybe a mirror in Heaven flying through the white clouds.

Answer: D: First came the two legs of the fairy and the cassia tree. But for whom the rabbit kept on pounding medical herbs? I could not guess.

7. When did the bright moon first appear? One raises his goblet, and asks the blue sky. One does not know, in the celestial palaces, what year it is this evening.

Answer: C: I could ride the wind to return there, but fear the unbearable chill high of the jade towers and their jeweled eaves. I dance with my crisp shadow in delight; could the world of mortals ever know this feeling?

8. The call of birds hemmed in by the ancient forest echoes throughout; male birds soaring softly, following the females. And there come to us the melancholy voices of the cuckoos; out on the empty mountain, under the lonely moon.

Answer: B: Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky. Even to hear of it drains the color from one's face.

9. Remaining red fading from flowers, apricots small and green. When the swallows are hovering, the water flows around the houses. Since blown away, willow catkins on boughs diminish; such lush grass must be found the world over!

Answer: A: The swings within the walls and the highways outside the walls; The travelers outside the walls hears the laughter of beautiful women within. Gradually the laughter's fading, no more footsteps can be heard; those with feeling are vexed by those without feeling.

10. Men have sorrow and joy; they part or meet again; the moon is bright or dim and she may wax or wane. There has been nothing perfect since the olden days.

Answer: B: We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though we are separated by a thousand miles.

11. I try to imagine the time of Zhou Yu, when Ms. Xiao Qiao just married him; oh, how handsome and prestigious he was! But in between the feather fan and silk ribbon, through the laughter and leisurely talk, all mighty foes were swept away, dispersed like dust and smoke.

Answer: B: The old kingdoms in its spirit I journeyed; through my infatuation, that only grew me gray hair. Life is but a dream! I shall toast a libation to the river and her moon.

12. Always remember the pavilion beside the brook; drunken, it helps me remember the way home at dusk.

Answer: C: To our hearts content, we were rowing back; and yet we entered deep among the water lilies by mistake. Row the boat! Ford the river quickly! Frightened birds scatter, flying over the water.


Then defeat the boss. His skills are-

1-alone and unseen -aoe knock down

2-red cliff song 3-south battlegrounds

4-the knight's errand

5-flowers of reflected in moon 

6-Distant sepration

7-following north wind

8-empty the city of srrow

9-midnight crow -gaint blue area that heals him for 15% of his HP. IE kite him out of it!!! (pic bellow for what you gotta watch out for)



2ed boss- Qia Yunne - the painter[]

here just gotta see what painting of

the 8 are fake and what one is not..


The Imperial Concubine Rides the Horse Answer: This is the genuine article

Drgon King Pray in front of Buddha Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Broad and Spacious Landscape Answer: This is the genuine article

Painting of Ancient Trees Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Fusheng Teaching Book of History Answer: This is the genuine article

Numerous Arhats Answer: This is the genuine article

Idyllic Scenery Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Apes and Monkeys in the Tree Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Dragons Answer: This is the genuine article

Painting of Imperial Concubine Praying in Front of Buddha Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Travelers amid Mountains and Streams Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Auspicious Mist on a Wild Pavilion Answer: This is the genuine article


Then defeat the boss. Talk to him! and he'll start attacking you. Kite him over the bridge, have music player or massive dps...


His skills are

1-Mountains and springs

2-Appraisal of godness of lou

3-Admonitons scroll

4-reticent flowers

5-Early spring

6-southern snow



3ed boss- Wan Zuimeng - wine boss[]


Maze,"No guys I'm not so drunk that I want to be naked...just no" Talk to the boss and he'll lead you downstairs to his wine room. he'll tell you to take out a goblet from the wine case and get the right wine for the cup. (list of what cups and wine go with what bellow)

GM Smokey provided some of the cup's and their wines, this spot still being edited, some cups are misspelled or not on the list.

Once pulling out a wine goblet note the words in "blank" this is the only words that matter and need to be matched with the list bellow.


White Jade Cup Answer: Fen Wine

Yellow Poplar Cup Answer: Daughter Red

Green Cooper Wine Vessel Answer: Sorghum Wine

Rhino Horn Cup Answer: Wine from the west

Jade Cup Answer: Pear Flower Wine

Green Cooper Bust Answer: Lanling Wine

Horn Cup Answer: Ancient Spring Royal Wine


Wine Gourd Answer: Hundred Blossom wine

Rainbow Pottery Cup Answer: Shaoxing Number One Scholar Wine

White jade "shang" Answer: Dukang Wine

Green "viridian Cup" Answer: Unknown (delete it)


This boss gets some pretty nasty buffs. you can stright dps in the slowing wine blue ring+ music from your friend. to make it easyer; every time he drinks wine kite him to the next blue wise mist ring, they remove the buff's. there 3 wine on the ground

Slowing wine what what removes () buff dissolutiona wine whst removes () buff Crotton wine what removes () buff These buffs are annoying...dps will take you 2+ min with him not having buffs. 30 secs

his skills are-

1.snake shacks tail- his knock back

2.daughter's wine-


4.prajna wine-

5.bluetails wine-

6.Ice dissolves and leaves scatter- his parry break

before you talk to the next boss make sure to have over 150 point's! go around killing NPC's till you got 150. or you FAIL he wont fight you

4th boss- Qian Guanyun- sojo boss[]

This boss game is not weiqi (lawl) but his game is easy..very easy. you get 30 points for wining his game. Have 1 person stand at your king and run away from the black tokens while the other 2 stand on the pawns and take out the black commander. (pic bellow shows where to stand) set up like this



your skills are this if you are a pawn

Use key 1 to move and key 3 or 4 to attack.


if you are the king 

Use key 1 to run key 2 to attack.

Once you killed the commander you move onto fighting the boss- talk to him to start.

Then defeat the boss his skills are

1.checkmate- he'll put this on the tank. tank jump up into the air and away from group. this skill can do 10k damage if it hits dead on.

2.morale like rainbow - aoe knockdown lots of damage! goose/ jump away asap

3.winter plum blossom

4.clouds fill the heart

5.full of energy

6.colliding stab- cone stun, parrying it will not stun you. dissolves and Leaves Scatter- his parry break

Before moving on and talking to the next boss make sure to have over 300 point's!! OR YOU FAIL and cant fight him nor any other boss! if you don't have 300 points go around killing every NPC till you got 300!!

5th boss- Zhuge Yao- Music boss[]

This guy where the REALLY annoying parts..or fun parts if you like it hard... Go talk to the boss and he'll spawn a "Mirage" IE clone behind you to fight.

Flojo being a boss soloing it! (after everyone else died...)


His moves are

1. the dance of three blossoms- cone massive damage ~ goose behind him or away

2. ambush from all sides-gaint aoe stun~ parry it so you dont get stun

3. fake guang ling powder

4 lofy mountain and flower water- AOW 300-400 each sec for 15 secs. hide in the bubble like our team super boss Flojo

5.oar in midstream- his large aoe gas~ goose out of it

GOOD JOB unless you had ess then 300 points at this point then you failed...moveing on for those who didn't fail!

6th boss- Shen Xiaolan- wife[]

She has 2 friends near her...that show up as bosses...ITS A LIE. they die in 2-3 hits so clear em before talking to Shen Xiaolan. they should auto aggro you when you walk up to em.


This woman spin hurts. does about 900per hit. IE get the music rolling!

She a master of scholars Falling flower sword.  her Snow moon's wind flower goose away or you'll eat some major damage.

her skills are

1.flying flowers and falling leaves

2.sea of flowers.

3. profused franguse - skill disable if your not parrying

4. snow moon's wind flower - 900 damage per hit ~ so run

5. flowerss in flossom

6. colurful buterfly - gives her a small sheild

7. queen of flowers

beat her head to the next boss


IF you die beyond this part there is cliff (if you're a good climer) to get back up

7th boss- Ge Bufan-Master kicker[]

Music hp and 10 min hp pill's are a good idea for this boss...he hurts T>T

Don't hit his parry or he heals for 1500hp per hit!!

his skills

1.winter plum blossom

2. Dominance= large aoe stun (make sure your not near music player)

3. Blood demon kick.

4. Green shadow of the maiden - Run from this if you can - if you can parry it.

5. ???

6. ???

7. ???

Head over here to get a cutscea
 do it or the 9th boss will not spawn!

then make your way down to the tower

8th boss- Zhuge Qingtian-Your eyes will hurt after my match boss[]

This boss down inside the tower talk to the guy infront of the door and wait by it to go in.


setup. the balls hurt...fight no where near em. one slows/ stuns you the other kills you... once in awhile everyone will take 50% damage from the orb in the middle... gaint knock back

have your music player sit on the edge of the screen. then fight Zhuge Qingtian while dodgeing the balls paths. good luck!

His buff is - hit his pary and he gain 20% dodge, this can stack 4 time's. last for 8 sec's

His skills are

1.Flying swallow returns

2.echo over tower

3.pierce the sky in rage

4.sunset view- gaint massive aoe flying skills disabled and knockdown (the music player is now sad...very sad)

5. Star and moon

6. unlimited starlight - hurts 2.5k damage

7. snow winter plum array - array key dies in one hit with any skill basiclly, no need to worry

8. fire and ice

9. Grand master chess player - gaint aoe, does no damage, look really rad...i want screenshot but ill let you see for your self

Defeated the cool boss. OK onto the next. boss!

9th boss- Ye Qianniang- woman I don't like your dots or swrilly things..hell stop doing everything your doing! I don't like any of it! boss[]

Remember to get the 2 cut scenes (Fishing village and gravestone). they were posted earlier in the guide on how to get em. or she will not spawn.

Alot of people seem to miss this boss. RIGHT after the 8th boss (Boss that hides in a very dark room) you are pop up back into the tower. the 9th boss you need to talk to and then fight. If you didn't get the fishing village cute scene or the grave one she will not spawn. this was warned about earlier in the guide.

her skills are

1. Grievance reaches the sky

2. enter the dragon

3. alternate the cloud and river

4. zhuge's sword

5. counterana jade

6. crimson shadow winds

7. golden sound and ???????????

8. phoenix song = reverses your movements

9. ??? = does tons of damage if you stand near her

10. ??? = drops yellow spots that do 700-800 damage when step on. MINI BOMBS!

THATS IT, you're done! congrats.[]


Thanks for these guys who help me threw guili and let me write my guide while doing it! you guys are the best!!

maze,"I'm not taking my pants off cuz I'll get Discipline guys T.T"

If you find any mistake, like me to add something/ have info to share. feel free to post here or PM me! Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Credits to oHusHo, XiaFeng, XT, FLOJO, GM Smokey and all of scholars!