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Wanderer's Valley is one of the Eight Great Schools in Age of Wushu. The acolytes of the Wanderer’s Valley are amoral, secretive and sinister. Their art focuses on the use of cunning tricks, poisons, and their vicious mastery of dark chi.


The creator of Wanderer's Valley was a Divinator with an unpredictable temperament. He established Wanderer’s Valley secretly after he knew he would not live past the age of 45. He began to recruit infamous people of China to join the Wanderer’s. Nobody fully understands Wanderer’s Valley, as the members of the school are very secretive. While Wudang and Shaolin are considered official members of Wushu, the people of Wanderer’s Valley are considered exiled members. Most people don’t know where their skills come from. They do things according to their own wishes without leaving any trace.[1]


Wanderer's Valley skill sets all have one basic thing in common: it is almost impossible to avoid damage from them. In PvE, they are able to tank high level instances while dealing massive damage thanks to maximum level Perish Blade and inners focused in healing.

Wind-Catching Blade style is the most popular set and is an aggressive rushdown with ranged damage options. It has more tricks than one would expect and can be deadly at any range. Bone Corrosion Palm is a deadly, slow-killing poison set that restricts enemy movement and kills in disgustingly few hits. Perish Blade is an all-or-nothing sacrificial set that can deal monstrous damage with a single attack.

Wanderers lack defense. This is least notable in Wind-Catching Blade, where their multiple lunges and crowd controls provide interruptions that are hard to deal with. Despite their decent ranged options, Wanderers are only average in that area and can be outdamaged by a runaway dart thrower or a Lotus Palm Beggar. Despite these weaknesses, Wanderers can kill deceptively quickly with just a few attacks.

Internal Skills[]

Tier Internal Skill Max Level Max Rage Type
1st Secrets of Dual Training 36 90 Tai Chi
2nd Divine Skill of the Shaoyang 36 100
3rd Joined Happiness Secret 36 110
4th Monster's Image Secret 49 120
5th Shadow Patting Skill 49 130
6th Unholy Moon Manual 49 130

Martial Arts Sets[]

Tier Martial Arts Set Weapon Scaling Type
1st Bone Corrosion Palm Barehanded Internal Dmg Yang
2nd Perish Blade Double Stings Melee Dmg Yin
3rd Wind-Catching Blade Double Blade Melee Dmg

Internal Dmg

4th Lethal Thirteen Sword Single Sword Melee Dmg

Internal Dmg

Tai Chi
5th Golden Lock of the Eight Gate Double Blade Melee Dmg

Internal Dmg


Wanderer's Valley only has one rule. Breaking this rule will increase the player's Discipline Points. If a player’s Discipline Points exceed 100 and they enter the School area, a punishing cutscene will play. When the cutscene ends, the player’s health will be halved and they'll receive a weakening debuff for an hour.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't harm fellow school disciples +40 points

Notable members[]

  • Shan Tianming: The Leader of Wanderer's Valley. He is cunning and sly. Even though he doesn’t deal with everyday issues within Wanderer's Valley, he secretively watches over everything.
  • Shan Tianxie: The Younger Brother of Shan Tianming. He was hurt by an explosion which damaged his face, so he has to wear a mask.
  • Yin Feng: A former eunuch with unusual arrogance, his parents died from political persecution. He doesn't trust anyone.
  • Dou Hualun: A former Beggar's Sect member, he was expelled for practicing evil martial arts. He is narrow-minded and remembers anyone who has wronged him.
  • Yao Jian: A girl with a face disfigured while learning evil kung fu. She joined the school with a vow to kill any and all heartbreakers.

School Uniforms[]

Picture Gallery[]


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