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Wudang character

Wudang is one of the Eight Great Schools in Age of Wushu. The basic idea behind the Wudang is balance. The Wudang believe that the balance of one's mind and body is essential to the mastery of the martial arts. In combat, they redirect energy used against them, throwing enemies off balance with a punch, or maneuvering thin swords through enemy defenses.


The Wudang school was created during the Ming Dynasty. The famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng established the school on Wudang Mountain near the city of Jun, located in Hubei province.

Wudang is renowned for its mountain range: Mount Canshang and Mount Taihe are two of the most well-known and their soaring peaks and deep valleys have inspired generations.In fact, in ancient times it was thought that the main peak, Tianzhu Peak, propped up the sky. In addition, Wudang Mountain is known as "nature’s pharmacy" for there are over 400 different kinds of herbs that grow there.


Wudang disciples are noteworthy for their incredible inability to die. Taiji Sword's ability to swap health and energy, the ability to rapidly recover energy in either Taiji Sword or Yin Yang Sword, and the natural durability of Wudang Internal skills make it very hard to end a fight against a Wudang. If battles go the distance, Wudang swordsmen will be the last ones standing.

Wudang have problems with dealing damage as they lack the overwhelming damage of many other schools. Breeze Sword and Yin Yang Sword have options for fighting at long range, and Taiji Sword is excellent in close. Overall, Wudang is the most well-rounded school.

Internal Skills[]

Tier Internal Skill Max Level Max Rage Type
1st Yin Yang Heart Protecting Skill 36 90 Tai Chi
2nd Inner Pill Skill 36 100 Soft Yin
3rd Purity-Without-Limits Technique 36 110 Tai Chi
4th Pure Yang Wuji Skill 49 120
5th Dragonslayer 49 130
6th Taichi Divine Skill 49 130

Martial Arts Sets[]

Tier Martial Arts Set Weapon Scaling Type
1st Yin Yang Sword Twin Swords Melee Dmg Tai Chi
2nd Breeze Sword Single Sword Internal Dmg Yin
3rd Taiji Sword Single Sword Melee Dmg

Internal Dmg

Tai Chi
4th Taiji Barehanded Internal Dmg
5th Pliant Sword Single Sword Internal Dmg


Wudang has its own rules and regulations. Breaking these rules will increase the player's Discipline Points. If a player’s Discipline Points exceed 100 and they enter the School area, a punishing cutscene will play. When the cutscene ends, the player’s health will be halved and they'll receive a weakening debuff for an hour.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't harm fellow school disciples +40 points
Don't break players out of jail +30 points
Don't steal escorted goods +20 points
Don't kill excessively (infamy > 200) +20 points
Don't kidnap players +10 points
No nudity or improper attire +10 points

Notable members[]

  • Zhang Sanfeng: The Founder of Wudang. He bravely fought in the Mongolian war. He is one of the oldest and most respected people in all of China.
  • Tianjizi: Called the Sword Branch Leader, he is a strict trainer.
  • Xiang Jiuchen: A famous Swordsman. Though he is a brilliant martial artist, he is less disciplined than his brothers.
  • Quyi: A mysterious girl found in the Sword Tomb, no one knows her origin. She devotes herself to the path of the sword.
  • Hong Yanxin: A famous sword master who used to be a member of the Royal Guards, she left when her brother was murdered.

School Uniforms[]


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