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Xu Outfit

Xu Family Manor is a joinable Faction located in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. The disciples fight using the Ruler weapon and can provide stat boosts with the Bonfire skill.

The manor is made up of villagers who share a strong belief in chivalry. They are known throughout the Jianghu for seeking peace, striving for justice, hunting down evil, and protecting the innocent.


Players can join the Xu Family Manor by accepting the entry quest from Xu Family Manor Guide in Chengdu (771,490). The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a member of no school, or be training away, or be disguised.
  • Must not have betrayed Xu Family Manor within 24 hours.
  • Character Strength ≥ First Understanding
  • Alignment = Neutral Neutral or Heroic (1) Heroic
  • Infamy = 0
  • Must have learned a gathering and a manufacturing Life Skill.
  • Must not be undressed.
  • Must not be an eunuch.
  • Must not have a wanted bounty.
  • Must not have sold a kidnapped player within 1 hour.
  • Must not have read the Sunflower Manual, or has completed the task for Yin Symbol Seven Techniques.
  • Must not have killed more than 300 players, or has completed the task for Eighty-Eight Buddha Repentance.

Internal Skills[]

Internal Skill Type Max Level (Strength) Max Rage
Chi of Three Purities Hard Yang 108 (Keep Your Own Counsel) 100

Martial Arts Skill Sets[]

Either a Ruler or a Dagger can be used for the set, but a Dagger will deal 30% less damage. The colored percentage number is the average scaling value for corresponding stats.

Skill Set Type Weapon Damage % % %
Black Ink Ruler Skill Hard Ruler
Hard 14 14

Random Skills[]

Skill CD Effects
Bonfire 150s Creates a fire that provides temporary (1 hour) buffs to teammates.

Members of Xu Family must follow the rules set by school. Breaking the rules will increase the player's Discipline Value. If the player’s Discipline Value exceed 500, they will be kicked out of the school, which has the same repercussions as betrayal.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't study the Sunflower Manual +500
Don't kill other members of the Xu Family Manor +40
Don't steal escorted goods +20
Alignment must be Neutral Neutral or Heroic (1) Heroic +10
Don't kidnap players +10
Don't use killer-related titles Action not possible
Don't challenge the Xu Family Manor
(Influence Challenge)
Action not possible

Repentance Letter[]

Repentance Letter
Repentance Letter can be used to reduce Discipline Value by 10 points. Some of the daily tasks will reward the player with a Repentance Letter (bound).

Defying Evil[]

Main article: Defying Evil
Defying Evil is a co-op PvE event that occurs on Wednesday and Saturday. Anyone can participate in the event to win Cultivation Pills, but Xu disciples can win additional Faction Certificates and other items.