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Xu Family Manor is a minor faction that players can join since the introduction of Tempest of Strife. They're are located just outside of Chengdu, to the north.

The manor is made up of villagers who share a strong belief in chivalry. They are known throughout the Jianghu for seeking peace, and striving for justice. They are well known for hunting down evil and protecting the innocent. They are also well renowned for the their survival skills.

Mechanical Summary[]

Xu family is the easiest faction to join and complete. Their internal skill is considered at the same level as a tier 1 school internal, but the maximum level is considerably higher, allowing the skill to remain useful much longer. (Screenshots from the Chinese version show it competitive with 4th or 5th internals in future patches). They seem to have a slight focus on defensive tactics, and their skills are all yang/hard with internal damage.

Notable members[]

  • Xu Yunzheng: The currently leader of the Xu family. Known for a strong sense of justice.
  • Xu Yunzao: The second villa leader. Once a great swordsman, he now overeats.
  • Xu Ziling: 2nd young master of Xu village. He unfortunately shares his mother's dishonorable behavior.
  • Xu Zishuo: 3rd young master of Xu village. Very cunning prankster who wishes to be the heir to the Xu.
  • Xu Zixi: 4th daughter. Independent and married to a Shen lord to cement an alliance.
  • Shen Haoyue: Married to Xu Zixi to unite the Xu and Shen families against the Nangong family.


Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”, which, when they reach a certain level, incur sect penalties.

Must not kill innocent people (cannot use killer-related titles) ?
No Kidnapping 10 points
Don't steal escorted goods 20 points
Don't harm your fellow school members 40 points
You must not challenge your own faction ? (instant expulsion reported)
You must not kill players with the last name Xu (possibly refers to graduates, or maybe a leftover from the Chinese version with no effect) 20 points
Must not not study the Sunflower Manual ? (instant expulsion?)
Alignment must be "Neutral" or "Heroic" 10 points +5 per hour

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 500, they will be removed from the faction.


Martial Skills[]

Black Ink Ruler Skill
Weapon: Ruler (dagger does 70% dmg) Xu martial skill set Attributes: Gold (internal)
Description: Defense and Counterattack

Internal skills[]

Chi of Three Purities
Master: Various Xu Internal skill Attribute: Hard as Yang
Description: Well rounded stackable buffs.

Special Skills[]

Members of Xu Family Manor are trained survivalists.  In game terms, this grants them the special skill of creating a bonfire.  The bonfire allows group members to share food in order to grant a 1 hour buff to each participating group member.

  • Bonfire: Create a bonfire that allows group members to share food to gain a buff.


If you are not a member of a school, you may begin the quest by talking to the Xu Family Manor Guide in Chengdu (771,490)

The requirements to join are:

  • Must be neutral or good aligned.
  • Must have both a gathering and a manufacturing life skill
  • Must have reached "Realized Potential"
  • May not have infamy
  • May not have the kidnapper flag
  • May not have killed more than 300 players
  • Must not be a eunuch
  • Must not have read the Sunflower Manual

School Uniforms[]

Conflicting images of uniforms. Needs confirmation.

Picture Gallery[]


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